Loan Cars - Take Your Pick!

Whoopsies don't usually happen at convenient times and life needs to continue - Bridgman Street Panelbeaters take the hassle out of the inconvenience and offer a Loan Car service. From the moment you are without your wheels through until delivery back of your newly fixed up vehicle we are able to provide you with a temporary replacement - following some required paperwork completion of course!

Need a Loan Car? We just need a few bits and pieces, drivers license and your signature when you visit our reception and complete our form - easy as.

We're going Green!

Environmentally sustainable - Helps lower the carbon footprint of your vehicle's repair process without sacrificing the high quality of the finish.

  • Improves air quality - Dramatically reduces the volume of solvent vapours which are released into the environment.
  • Reduced waste - Substantially decreases waste by -products from the painting process
  • Aligned to vehicle makers paint technology - Today, the majority of the world's vehicles brands use waterborne paint application technology on the production line.
  • PPG peace-of-mind - Knowing that you are taking advantage of leading edge technology from the world's largest producer of transport coatings.

MTA Gift Vouchers available now.

These are a great gift idea. MTA Gift vouchers are:

  • Versatile - Buy almost any product or service from fuel, WoFs, repairs and services to convenience store items from any one of over 4,000 MTA members nationwide
  • Can be loaded with a value from $30.00 to $500.00 per card
  • Four standard designs available


Farmlands Supplier

We are pleased to announce that Bridgman Street Panelbeaters have recently been approved as a Farmlands supplier.  Use your card here for some great benefits