We're going green!

We are now using PPG's Envirobase paint, a waterbased system to help reduce our carbon footprint and give you peace of mind that, by choosing Bridgman St Panelbeaters for your repairs, you too are doing your bit for the Environment.                                 

  • Environmentally sustainable - Helps lower the carbon footprint of your vehicle's repair process without sacrificing the high quality of the finish.
  • Improves air quality - Dramatically reduces the volume of solvent vapours which are released into the environment.
  • Reduced waste - Substantially decreases waste by -products from the painting process
  • Aligned to vehicle makers paint technology - Today, the majority of the world's vehicles brands use waterborne paint application technology on the production line.
  • PPG peace-of-mind - Knowing that you are taking advantage of leading edge technology from the world's largest producer of transport coatings.


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Posted by on 4 November 2013